For 50 years, Osmocote
has been the brand that
professional gardeners
trust for plant nutrition.

Each granule is coated with
a unique resin that controls
nutritional release.

Plants get what they need, when they need it.

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Osmocote Plus Multi-Purpose Plant Food provides nutrition for everything in your garden for up to six months.
Outdoor & Indoor Plus

An all-in-one solution
for the serious

Osmocote’s Outdoor and Indoor Plant Food with nitrogen is ideal for houseplants, garden plants, flowers, and more.
Flower & Vegetable

Promotes strong
roots and vigorous
above-ground growth

This formula is favored for seasonal vegetables and perennials because it promotes strong roots as well as bountiful and vigorous above-ground growth.
How-To Use Osmocote®

Osmocote® is easy to
apply and offers you
worry-free gardening

Click for directions on how to use Osmocote Plant Food.
Nutrition 101

Learn how to recognize
plant nutrient excesses
and deficiencies

Get plant nutrition tips for vegetables, flowers, house plants, and more.
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers common
questions about
Osmocote® products

Frequently asked gardening questions.
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Osmocote® Plant Food makes it easy to keep the garden growing all season long.

Osmocote® consumer products are distributed by The Scotts Company, Marysville, OH.
For information about Professional Osmocote® products, visit http://everris.us.com/plant-nutrition/.